Dispute Resolution Syllabi

This is a collection of syllabi from DR courses in U.S. law schools.  It includes syllabi from courses in particular subject areas that have significant DR elements.

Each syllabus remains the intellectual property of the author, so please get permission and provide appropriate credit to the author if you copy a substantial portion of any syllabus.

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Mediation Theory and Practice (2015) – James J. Alfini, South Texas College of Law

Mediation (2015) – Kristen Blankley, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Mediation Advocacy (2015) – Alyson Carrel, Northwestern University

Mediation Process (2014) – Alyson Carrel, Northwestern University

Mediation Practicum (2015) – Lynn P. Cohn, Northwestern University

Mediation Issues Seminar / Practicum (2013) – Sarah Cole & Erin Archerd, Ohio State University

Mediation (2015) – Robin Davis, University of Florida

Mediation Clinic (Fall 2014 and Spring 2015) – Deborah Thompson Eisenberg & Toby Treem Guerin, University of Maryland

Mediation Ethics Seminar (2014) – Susan Nauss Exon, University of La Verne

Mediation of Environmental and Public Conflicts (2014) – Lara Fowler, Penn State Dickinson School of Law

Mediation Advocacy (2010) – Dwight Golann, Suffolk University

Mediation: Representing Clients (2015) – Elayne E. Greenberg, St. John’s University

Mediation Clinic (2015) – Art Hinshaw, Arizona State University

Mediation (2015) – David A. Hoffman, Harvard University

Mediation / Advanced Negotiation (2015) – James Holbrook & Stacy Roberts, University of Utah

Mediation Advocacy (2014) – Frank Laney, Campbell University

Mediation: Skills and Theory (2014) – James Levin, University of Missouri

Negotiation and Mediation (2014) –  C. Menkel-Meadow, University of California-Irvine

Mediation (2014) – Forrest S. Mosten, University of California-Los Angeles

Mediation Clinic (2014) – Lydia Nussbaum, University of Nevada-Las Vegas

Introducton to Mediation (2014) – Charles Pillsbury, Quinnipiac University

Negotiation and Mediation Practice (2015) – Sheila Purcell, Hastings College of Law

Mediation (2015) – Nancy Schultz, Chapman University

Mediation Clinic (2014) – Jim Stark, Paul Chill & Rachel Garron, University of Connecticut

Multiparty Mediation Clinic (2014) – Joseph B. Stulberg & Erin Archerd, Ohio State University

Mediation Workshop (2015) – Fran Tetunic, Nova Southeastern University

Negotiation / Mediation syllabus and readings (2014) – Nancy A. Welsh, Penn State Dickinson School of Law

Mediation Advocacy (2015) – Jill A. Womble & Carlos Alvarez, University of Florida

Negotiation and Mediation (2014) – Jill A. Womble, University of Florida

Certified Civil Mediation (2014) – Paula Marie Young, Appalachian School of Law