Dispute Resolution Syllabi

This is a collection of syllabi from DR courses in U.S. law schools.  It includes syllabi from courses in particular subject areas that have significant DR elements.

Each syllabus remains the intellectual property of the author, so please get permission and provide appropriate credit to the author if you copy a substantial portion of any syllabus.

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Other Courses

Civil Collaborative Law (2014) — Sherrie R. Abney, Southern Methodist University

Pretrial Litigation (including client counseling and negotiation) (2014) using a semester-long simulation – Anne Alexander, University of Missouri

Advanced Issues in Criminal Justice (3 credits) (2014) – Cynthia Alkon, Texas A&M University

Advanced Issues in Criminal Justice (2 credits) (2013) – Cynthia Alkon, Texas A&M University

Theories of Conflict (2012) – Kenneth Fox, Hamline University

Labor Law (2014) using a semester-long simulation – Rafael Gely, University of Missouri

Interviewing and Counseling (2014) – Dwight Golann, Suffolk University

ADR in the Workplace (2014) – Michael Z. Green, Texas A&M University

Diversity and Dispute Resolution (2017) – David Hoffman, Harvard University

The Human Side of Lawyering (2013) – Karen Keroack and Jonathan Cohen, University of Florida

Dispute System Design (2015) using a multi-stage simulation to develop a court rule – John Lande, University of Missouri

Family Law Dispute Resolution (2015) using a multi-stage property and support simulation – John Lande, University of Missouri

Dynamics of Conflict and Conflict Intervention (2014) – Bernie Mayer, Creighton University

Staying with Conflict (2014) – Bernie Mayer, Creighton University

Multiparty Conflict Resolution in Energy and Environmental Matters (2015) – Margaret M. Menicucci & Suzanne Schwartz, University of Texas

Multi-Party Dispute Resolution Workshop (and Global Justice Summit) (2013) – C. Menkel-Meadow, University of California-Irvine

Family Law Practice: A Non-Litigation Approach (2015) – Forrest S. Mosten, University of California-Los Angeles

Lawyer as Peacemaker (2015) – Forrest S. Mosten, University of California-Los Angeles

Perspectives on Conflict Resolution (2014) – Lydia Nussbaum, University of Nevada-Las Vegas

Introduction to Dispute Resolution in Healthcare (2015) – Charles Pillsbury, Quinnipiac University

Perspectives on Conflict Resolution (2014) – Jen Reynolds, University of Oregon

Dispute System Design Workshop (2014) – Nancy H. Rogers, Ohio State University

Mediation and Collaborative Lawyering: Consensual Dispute Resolution (2012) – Unmani Sarasvati, Golden Gate University

Resolving Disputes Across Cultures (2014) – Nancy Schultz, Chapman University

Civil Pretrial Practice and Settlement (2015) – Ann Shields, Washington University

Criminal Pretrial Practice and Procedure (2015) – Ann Shields, Washington University

Psychology and Lawyering (2013) – Jean R. Sternlight, University of Nevada-Las Vegas

ADR Strategy in Litigation (2014) – Elizabeth Tippett, University of Oregon

Environmental Dispute Resolution (2014) – Paula M. Young, Appalachian School of Law

Insurance Practice: Strategically Resolving Insurance Coverage Disputes (2012)  – Paula M. Young, Appalachian School of Law