Faculty Workshops and Colloquia

MU Law School hosts a number of scholarly activities for faculty and students. The Faculty Colloquium series brings well-regarded academics from all over the world to give scholarly presentations on a wide variety of subjects to the faculty. The series includes a speaker exchange workshop, which allows our faculty to travel to participating schools and present their work. Our internal faculty workshops provide an opportunity for our faculty to present their works-in-progress to their peers prior to publication. Additionally, we host a number of symposia and conferences throughout the year that bring together academics, students, and practitioners to explore cutting edge legal topics.

Upcoming Fall Events

2/6 Faculty Colloquium: Rob Leflar, University of Arkansas
Red-State Health Reform: Threading the Political Needle
2/20 Faculty Colloquium: Uma Outka, University of Kansas
Public Electric Power in the New Energy Transition
2/27 Missouri Law Review Symposium
Policing, Protesting, and Perceptions:
A Critical Examination of the Events in Ferguson

3/6 Panel Presentation (in conjunction with the Department of Education)
Developing Effective Learning Environments for Legal Education
1 pm
3/13 Center for Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship (CIPE) Kick-Off
IP and the University: Issues for Academics, Entrepreneurs, and Lawyers
4/10 Faculty Colloquium: Elizabeth Sepper, Wash. U.
Free Exercise Lochnerism.

Past Faculty Workshops and Colloquia