Student Organizations FAQs

How can I start a new student organization?

  • To start an official student organization, you should follow the process in the MU Student Resource Group.  Once you have completed the process outlined there, you should contact the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs regarding: including a description of your organization in the Law School’s website and obtaining an email account for your organization.

How are student organizations funded?

  • The Student Bar Association is funded by a fee that all law students pay their first year of law school. All other student organizations are self-funded through the collection of membership dues or other fund-raising activities. At times, SBA provides financial support to other organizations.

When can we schedule an event? How is the “free hour” used?

  • Mondays and Wednesdays are reserved for student events. Faculty members can schedule review classes during the free hour on those days only under truly extraordinary circumstances.
    • Events related to Career Services are also scheduled primarily on Mondays and Wednesdays. After the fourth week of the semester Career Services may schedule events on any day of the week.
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays are reserved for faculty events. Student groups can schedule events on these days reserved for make-up classes only in truly extraordinary circumstances (after approval from the Associate Dean).
    • Student and faculty events (including make-up classes) can be scheduled at the end of the day following completion of all classes for that day.

How do we schedule a room?

  • To reserve a classroom for events sponsored by student organizations, please come to room 203 or room 227. They can help determine a time and place suitable for your event.

How do I get access to an organization office or classroom?

If you need to get into a student organization office or a classroom, the following offices will be happy to unlock the door for you:

  • 103 (Admissions and/or Career Development)
  • 203 (Law Administration)
  • 226 (Law Library Administration)

If you wish to gain access to the large storage room, please stop by the Law Library Administration office (room 226) where an individual key is available for the large storage room located on the outer desk. Bring the key back and place it on the desk (where you picked it up) once you are done using the key.

If you need access to a study room, please come see Kathy Smith or Tamara Guilford Davis at the Circulation Desk.

You are only able to pick up the key during regular business hours: Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm.

How to hold an event with professional perspective credit?

  • When planning an event it is a good idea to check the web calendar and to check with fellow organization presidents to ensure there are no (or few) scheduling conflicts.
  • Reserve a room through the Law Administration office (203), (573)882-6487 (room 203).
  • Fill out the “Application to Receive Professional Perspectives Credit” (PDF). The completed form should be turn in to Room 227. The form asks you to include: a short description of your event; whether you are seeking Professional Perspective or Career Component credit; and, whether the event is open to the public.
  • If the Associate Dean approves your event, the event will be placed on the web calendar and at the appropriate time will be announced on the digital sign outside of Room 103. If the Associate Dean has any questions as to the eligibility of your event, you will be contacted.
  • When sponsoring an event that qualifies for Professional Perspectives you are responsible for having the sign-in sheets on the day of the event to be able to record student attendance. The sign-in sheets are available in Room 227 or through email from the Associate Dean’s administrative assistant (Robin). If you notify Robin in advance, a copy with your event details can be printed for you (making it a good idea to come the day before). It is of most importance that the event information is provided in each sign-in sheet, to allow us to keep proper record of the information.
  • After the event is completed, please return the sign-in sheets back to the Dean’s office and hand them to Robin as soon as you can. We need those forms so that we can keep accurate records of student participation.

How can we be assigned bulletin board space?

If your organization is interested in using one of the bulletin board spaces available in the building, please contact Kathy Smith 882-4597.

Where can student organizations post signs?

  • Posters, signs, announcements or notices of any kind are prohibited on the brickwork, pillars, walls, classroom and restroom doors in the building.
  • Students and groups may place notices on the student bulletin boards or student office areas.
  • Temporary, small (8 ½” x 11”), important notices may be placed on the middle entrance doors – but no sooner than two days in advance of an event. All permitted signs must be removed immediately after the event.
  • Do not use duct tape, masking tape or packing tape to post these notices.
  • Removable tape is the only type of approved tape. Room 103 and 203 have removable tape available for posting.
  • If you wish to have your event posted on the digital sign outside room 103, please see Cindy Bassett, Library,, 884-9150.

Who can I contact to handle building issues?

Kathy Smith, 882-4597, is the building coordinator, and in that capacity is available to address any issues regarding building maintenance.