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University of Missouri’s Center of the Study of Dispute Resolution – Call for Papers

The University of Missouri is issuing a call for papers for a student writing competition that is affiliated with a symposium that is being convened at the University of Missouri’s Center for the Study of Dispute Resolution on Friday, October 10, 2014.

The symposium is entitled “Judicial Education and the Art of Judging: From Myth to Methodology” and addresses a number of issues relating to the role of judges and the goals and methods of judicial education. The symposium features the Honorable Duane Benton of the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit as keynote speaker as well as an accomplished group of judges, academics, and judicial education experts from the United States and Canada as panelists.

The student writing competition is being organized in association with the symposium. Papers will likely be due in August 2014, although precise details (such as the due date and the amount of any prize money associated with the competition) are still being finalized.

More information about the symposium and student writing competition is available at the symposium website, located at: http://www.law.missouri.edu/csdr/symposium/2014. People may also contact Professor S.I. Strong (strongsi@missouri.edu) with any questions.