Ricks’s Sporting Goods is looking to expand its store and comes to Midwest Bank seeking a loan to finance the expansion project.  Midwest Bank decides to loan Rick’s Sporting Goods the $1,500,000  it requested, on the condition that Midwest Bank can take a security interest in all of  shoes, clothing, golf clubs, baseball gloves, and other sports-related items Rick’s Sporting Goods sells to its customers.  Rick’s Sporting Goods executes a valid security agreement granting Midwest Bank an interest in “all of the debtor’s inventory.”  In which of the following would Midwest Bank NOT have a security interest?

1. Cash paid by Rick’s Sporting Goods customers for the new, ridiculously overpriced, Nike basketball shoes, which was put in the register along with cash given to Rick’s by the local Credit Union this morning

2. The brand new Titleist Scotty Cameron putters Rick’s Sporting Goods began selling after security agreement was executed

3. The massive inflatable Mizzou Tiger Football helmet that sits at the entrance of the store and reads “Welcome to Rick’s!” as a greeting to incoming customers

4. A signed Wayne Gretzkey jersey that a customer stupidly traded for a pair of the new Nike basketball shoes sold at Rick’s Sporting Goods, and which Rick’s now hangs on display as a piece of priceless memorabilia (marked "not for sale")

5. Both 3 (the Mizzou Tiger Football helmet) and 4 (the Gretzky jersey).