A-Bank, located in Columbia, Missouri, decided to loan $900,000 to "Rohan Corp" a multinational corporation in order for Rohan Corp to expand its handmade medieval armor business in MO.  Rohan Corp has signed a signed security agreement granting A-Bank a security interest in all of  Rohan Corp's equipment now and after acquired.  Rohan Corp was founded in the country of Middle Earth and has its chief executive office located there.  Rohan Corp however, conducts approximately eighty percent of its business in The Dark Forest which is a country located directly north of Middle Earth..  None of the equipment used to make the armor would be considered a fixture.

The Dark Forest does have laws, similar to the U.S., that require information concerning the existence of a non-possessory security interests to be made generally available in a filing, recording, or registration systems as a condition or result of the security interest's obtaining priority over the rights of a lien creditor with respect to the collateral. Unlike its neighbor to the North, Middle Earth has not adopted any kind of system for notice. 

Where should A-Bank file a financing statement to perfect its security interest?

1. In Missouri

2. In Middle Earth, where Rohan Corp. is located

3. In the District of Columbia.

4. In The Dark Forest, where Rohan Corp conducts most of its business.