Jim entered into a security agreement with First Bank, under which Jim grants a security interest in his Chevy Impala automobile, his checking account at Regions Bank (which contains $3,000), his big screen television, and 50 shares of Apple stock (certificated in bearer form). At the time the loan was made, First Bank did not file a financing statement or otherwise take steps to perfect its security interest, other than taking possession of the Apple stock certificates (although it did not have permission or consent from Apple to do so).

Jim ultimately defaulted in repaying First Bank, which repossessed both the Impala and the television.  First Bank also asked Regions Bank to freeze the checking account (First Bank is a customer on Jim’s checking account at Regions Bank).  In which item of collateral does First Bank have an unperfected security interest?

1. The Impala

2. The TV

3. The checking account

4. The Apple stock

5. Both 1 and 4