J.S., LLC is a limited liability company organized under Missouri law. On Oct. 2, 2012, D.R., a pretty girl, talks John, the manager and sole member of the LLC, into moving from Missouri to Illinois for her love.  On that date, J.S., LLC did not have any assets (other than John's expertise as a manager and consultant). After the move, J.S., LLC takes out a loan from B.E. Bank to buy computers for the LLC.  When taking out the loan, John makes it clear to B.E. Bank that he resides in Illinois and he wants to use the loans for his company, J.S., LLC to enable it to purchase computers for the LLC. However, J.S., LLC signs a security agreement granting a security interest in the computers; however, B.E. Bank loaned the money to John individually. 

B.E. Bank now wants to perfect its security interest in the computers.  Which statement is correct?

1. B.E. Bank can perfect by filing a UCC-1 in either Missouri or Illinois.

2. B.E. Bank can perfect by fiiling a UCC-1 in Illinois.

3. B.E. Bank can perfect by filing a UCC-1 in Missouri.

4. B.E. Bank can perfect only if it files a UCC-1 in both Missouri and Illinois.

5. Because B.E. Bank is taking a purchase money security interest, no filing is necessary.