Gandalf sells Frodo a rare sword for $5,000 (assume this is the sword's fair market value) to be paid in installments over the following year. Frodo signs a security agreement granting Gandalf a security interest in the sword, and Gandalf filed a UCC-1 financing statement to perfect his security interest in the sword. 

After paying the balance due to Gandalf down to only $200, Frodo had some unexpected expenses and went to Gimli for a loan.  Gimli wants to make sure that in the event that Frodo defaults, he will be able to recover on his loan by selling the sword.  Which of the following would not guarantee Gimli's first priority in the sword?

1. Gimli could require Frodo to borrow an additional $200, use it to pay off Gandalf, and require Gandalf to file a termination statement.

2. Gimli could get Gandalf to agree to subordinate his security interest in the sword.

3. Gimli could keep his loan amount below $4,800.

4. Gimli could pay off the balance of Gandalf's loan and have Gandalf assign his security interest to Gimli prior to lending against the sword.