Dylan owns a farm and sought a loan from Boone Co. Bank (BCB) to expand his operations by purchasing six additional fields located on HWY 63 about 10 miles north of Jefferson City. As collateral for the loan, the security agreement lists “all of Debtor's farm products.” Dylan defaults on the loan and BCB threatens to repossess the following: (a) all of the new superior corn seed that Dylan has purchased since entering the security agreement, (b) the large irrigation systems that were installed 15 days after the security agreement; (c) all three of his farm trucks (one of which belongs to his daughter who is away at school), and (d) the remainder of his yield from this year’s harvest. Assume there is a valid security agreement and BCB properly perfected its security interest by a UCC-1 filing. Which of the following is true?

1. BCB can repossess the seeds and the remaining harvest, but not the three farm trucks or the irrigations systems.

2. BCB can repossess the irrigation systems, the three trucks and the remaining harvest, but not the after-acquired seeds.

3. BCB can repossess the trucks, the seeds, and the remaining harvest, but not the after-acquired irrigation system

4. BCB can repossess everything except the truck that belongs to Dylan’s daughter