Bruce Banner, a scientist, borrows $10,000 from Shield Financing to research the effects of radiation on the emotionally unstable.  Shield Financing has a perfected security interest in Banner's car, properly perfected by notation of its lien on the title certificate.  Banner defaults (he spent all his money on purple pants).  Shield hires Nick Fury to repossess Banner's car, which Banner parked out on the street.  When Fury starts to tow the car away, Banner runs out and tells Fury to stop.  "Losing my car would make me very angry," Banner says, "and you wouldn't like me when I'm angry..."

Under the weight of authority, must Fury stop repossessing Banner's car?

1. Yes, all repossessions are a breach of the peace and therefore impermissible.

2. Yes, Banner has unequivocally objected so any attempt at self-help at this point would be a breach of the peace.  Shield Financing's only remedy is to reduce its claim to judgment.

3. Yes, Banner has unequivocally objected so it would be a breach of peace to continue, but Shield Financing may attempt again after Banner has had a reasonable amount of time to cool off.

4. No, Banner hasn't expressly threatened physical harm to Fury.