Darrell, an IT specialist, decided to quit his day job and follow his childhood dreams. So Darrell obtained a loan from Boone County Bank (BCB) to fund the start-up of his new business in which he planned to sell his personally-formulated, luxury shampoo to the masses.  The Security Agreement indicated that BCB took a security interest in Darrell’s savings account at U.S. Bank and Darrell’s savings account at BCB as collateral. BCB immediately files a UCC-1 covering Darrell’s savings account at U.S. Bank.  Before BCB had a chance to file a UCC-1 covering Darrell’s savings account at BCB, another one of Darrell’s creditors acquired a security interest in Darrell's savings account and that other creditor became identified on BCB's records as the owner of the BCB savings account.

In which savings accounts does BCB have a perfected security interest?

1. Neither the U.S. Bank account nor the BCB account

2. Both the U.S. Bank account and the BCB account.

3. The U.S. Bank account, but not the BCB account.

4. The BCB account, but not the U.S. Bank account.