Ida and Jake decide to spend an evening at the racetrack.  Out of the kindness of his heart, Jake repeatedly stakes Ida's bets.  Unfortunately, none of the horses that Ida bets on place in the money.  At the end of the night, Ida informs Jake that she will not be able to pay him back for close to a week.  To pacify him, Ida gives Jake her necklace and says, "Hold this as collateral; it's worth far more than the money I owe you."  Jake, however, having no idea of the value of fine things, says that he will take it home, have his friend Dane (who happens to be a jeweler) look at it, and then decide if he can accept the necklace as collateral in exchange for an extension on repayment. At this point, does Jake have a perfected security interest in the necklace?

1. No, attachment cannot occur until Ida's consent is manifested in an authenticated record.

2. No, because Jake could not perfect a security interest in the necklace without filing a financing statement.

3.  Yes, because Jake has taken possession of the necklace.

4. No, because Jake and Ida do not have a security agreement and thus no security interest has yet arisen.