Delvin Munsworth obtained a loan from Second Bank secured by all of the present and after-acquired equipment of Delvin’s vegan restaurant. This security interest was perfected by a UCC-1 filed on January 1, 2007. At that time, Delvin’s equipment consisted solely of a grill.

On January 1, 2010, Delvin changed his name to Wolfgang Luck. Sixty days later, Wolfgang purchased a dishwasher for his vegan restaurant. In February of 2012, Wolfgang purchased a soda fountain dispenser.

Wolfgang later defaulted on his obligation to Second Bank, but before he did so, Wolfgang sold all three pieces of equipment (the grill, the dishwasher, and the soda fountain) to Texas Roadhouse. Assuming no other actions were taken by the parties, in what pieces of equipment does Second Bank still have a perfected security interest following the sale to Texas Roadhouse?

1. Only the grill

2. The grill and the dishwasher

3. All three items

4. None of the three items