Ranger Rob is behind on making payments to Guaranty Bank for a loan he took out to purchase a Ford pick-up truck for his landscaping business (secured by the truck).  Guaranty Bank doesn’t want to go through the hassle of going to court to repossess the truck, so they send their repo man to Rob’s house to take possession of the vehicle.  Under what situation may Ranger Rob NOT use “self-help” measures to repossess the pickup truck?

1. When the repo man shows up, Rob steps outside and acknowledges that he missed the payments and agrees the truck must be taken away.

2. The repo man goes to the public parking garage Rob parks in when he goes to his favorite restaurant downtown.  However, Rob is not present when the repo man gets to the truck. 

3. When the repo man shows up at his house, Rob steps outside with a baseball bat and loudly threatens to beat the guy up if he doesn’t leave his property right away.

4. When the repo man shows up, Rob steps outside, but he’s too embarrassed or shocked to say or do anything and just watches the repo man take his truck away.