This is the webpage for Professor Freyermuth's Fall Semester 2014 Secured Transactions course. Classes meet this semester on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 3:30 p.m. to 4:20 p.m. in Classroom 5. Current Assignments can be found below; prior assignments are archived via the Assignments link above.

Current Announcements

Current and Upcoming Assignments

Here is the Syllabus for the Secured Transactions course, which includes information regarding required texts and course requirements.

Required books: Lawrence, Henning & Freyermuth, Understanding Secured Transactions (5th ed. 2012); Selected Commercial Statutes (ThomsonWest) (you can use either a 2014 edition, a 2013 edition, or a 2012 edition — any of the three will be fine).

Wednesday, September 17: Here are powerpoint slides for Assignment 5 (through Wednesday's class) as well as completed powerpoint slides for Assignment 3 and Assignment 4. Slides for previous classes are available via the Presentations link.

Tuesday, September 9: Here are a couple of follow-up questions (and answers) that came up after Monday's class regarding cash proceeds and the lowest intermediate balance rule. [I'll update the memo if there are further questions about the material in Assignment 3.]

Q&A memos for previous Assignments can be found on the Q&A Memos link.

Friday, August 29: Apropos of the discussion in class on Wednesday about whether it is plausible that buyers at a sheriff's sale might be so informed as to not realize the property being sold is subject to prior liens (and thus those buyers might overbid), here's a decision from last week from the Supreme Court of Washington in which the court refused to allow a sheriff's sale purchaser to withdraw their bid when they discovered, after the fact, that the property was subject to a substantial security interest. So ... yes, it happens!

Thursday, August 28: Here are memos with some questions (and my answers) that came up after class regarding Assignment 1 and another for Assignment 2 (since we aren't done with Assignment 2, I'll supplement this memo with more questions as I get them).

Prior assignments are archived via the Assignments link.

Wednesday, September 17. Assignment 5 and Problem Set 5.

Monday, September 22. Complete Assignment 5 and Problem Set 5. Begin Assignment 6 (The "Composite Documents" Rule) and Problem Set 6

Tuesday, September 23. Assignment 6 and Problem Set 6

Wednesday, September 24. Assignment 7 (Perfection by Possession) and Problem Set 7

Monday, September 29. Complete Assignment 7 and Problem Set 7. Begin Assignment 8 (Automatic Perfection and PMSIs in Consumer Goods) and Problem Set 8.

Tuesday, September 30. Assignment 8 and Problem Set 8.