Real Estate Finance
Class Assignments

Spring Semester 2013

Wednesday, January 23: Read Casebook pages 99-106, 110-116, 962-976, this New York Daily News article, and the Missouri Fannie/Freddie Single-Family Deed of Trust form. Click here for discussion questions for this material.

Monday, January 28. After finishing Wednesday's assignment, we will discuss pages 358-404 (Theories of Mortgage Law; Priority: Mortgage v. Lease; Assignments of Rents; and Receiverships). Click here for discussion questions for this material.

Wednesday, January 30. Pages 358-404 (continued). Discussion Questions.

Monday, February 4. Complete pages 358-404.

Wednesday, February 6. We will finish up the prior assignment discussing the Dart and Shubh Hotels cases about receivership. We will then begin pages 404-412 (Waste) and 424-446 (Taxes; Insurance; Casualty; Escrows). Discussion Questions.

Monday, February 11. Complete pages 404-412 (Waste) and 424-446 (Taxes;Insurance; Casualty; Escrows).

Wednesday, February 13. Pages 447-468 (Transfers of Mortgaged Property by the Mortgagor). Discussion Questions.

Monday, February 18. Complete pages 447-468, then begin pages 468-483 (Due-on-Sale and the Garn-St. Germain Act). Discussion Questions for pages 468-483.

Wednesday, February 20. Complete pages 468-483, then begin pages 543-568 (Payment of the Mortgage Debt; Prepayment of the Mortgage Debt; Default Interest; Late Charges). Discussion Questions for pages 543-568.

Monday, February 25. Complete pages 543-568. Time permitting, begin pages 586-612 (Default; Acceleration; Marshalling). Discussion Questions for pages 586-612.

Wednesday, February 27. Pages 586-612 (Default; Acceleration; Marshalling).

Monday, March 4. After completing pages 586-612, begin pages 612-632 (Judicial Foreclosure). Discussion Questions for pages 612-632.

Wednesday, March 6. Pages 612-632. Time permitting, begin pages 641-673 (Nonjudicial Foreclosure).

Monday, March 11. Nonjudicial Foreclosure (pages 641-673). Discussion Questions for pages 641-673

Wednesday, March 13. NO CLASS MEETING

Monday, March 18. Nonjudicial Foreclosure (continued) (pages 641-673)

Wednesday, March 20. Complete pages 641-673, begin pages 700-743 (Distribution of Sale Proceeds; Statutory Redemption; Lien Revival; Deficiency Judgments)

March 25 and March 27. NO CLASS MEETING (Spring Break)

Monday, April 1. Pages 700-743.

Wednesday, April 3. After finishing discussion of anti-deficiency legislation, begin pages 574-585 (Deeds in Lieu of Foreclosure and "Short Sales"). Time permitting, begin 272-293 (Mortgage Substitutes and Equitable Mortgages).

Monday, April 8. Complete pages 272-293.