This is the webpage for Professor Freyermuth's Winter Semester 2014 Real Estate Finance course. For the lecture portion of the class, class meets this semester on Monday and Tuesday at 12:00 noon. For students also enrolled in the Skills Training portion of the class, class also meets on Wednesdays at 12:00 noon. For the lecture portion, current assignments can be found below; prior assignments are archived via the Assignments link above.

Current Announcements

Current Assignments

Here is the Syllabus for the Real Estate Finance course, which includes information regarding the required text and course requirements.

May 11: Here are the slides from the final class on Tuesday, April 29, as well as the cover page for the final exam (with the exam instructions). I'll have a Q&A session on Monday evening, May 12, at 7:00 pm in Room 3.

May 5: Here are five sample short essay questions used on previous exams.

April 29: Here are slides for class discussion on Monday, April 28, Tuesday, April 22, Monday, April 21, and Tuesday, April 15. Presentations for previous classes are archived on the Class Presentations page.

March 3: Here's an interesting story from the weekend's St. Louis Post-Dispatch about a, ahem, "real estate entrepreneur" in the St. Louis area. Keep this story in mind over the next three weeks as we discuss foreclosure, the foreclosure system, and attempts by real estate lenders/investors to circumvent the foreclosure process.

February 3: Here is a question/answer memo with questions (e-mail and after class) for the reading assignment on pages 358-404.

January 26: While we don't have time during class to address 100% of the questions that you submitted regarding the Fannie/Freddie single-family deed of trust form used here in Missouri, I have put together a memo which includes your questions (and my responses), as well as some additional ones (and my responses) posed by students in previous Real Estate Finance classes. You can find the questions (and my responses) here.


Prior Assignments are archived on the Assignments page.

Tuesday, April 8. Pages 294-334 (Installment Land Contracts). Discussion Questions for pages 294-334.

Monday, April 14. Pages 294-334 (Installment Land Contracts)

Tuesday, April 15. Complete pages 294-334 (Installment Land Contracts). Begin pages 843-879 and 1106-1125 (Priority Problems: Purchase Money; After-Acquired Clauses; Dragnet Clauses; Subrogation; Mechanics' Liens and Future Advances). Discussion Questions for pages 843-879 and 1006-1025.

Monday, April 21. [CLASS MEETS FROM 12:00 NOON to 1:50 PM, including MAKEUP FOR CLASS POSTPONEMENT ON MARCH 31. LUNCH PROVIDED. BYOB] Priority Problems. Pages 843-879 and 1006-1025.

Tuesday, April 22. Priority Problems. Pages 843-879 and 1106-1025.

Monday, April 28. Transfer of Mortgagee's Interest and Securitization (pages 483-522). Here is a link to the Subprime Primer cartoon I mentioned in class (which features some offensive language). Note: in the case on page 494, there's a mistake in the court's opinion --- the second sentence in Part IIIA should read "Matrix subsequently purchased the Amarante Loan from Island Mortgage in accordance with the Matrix Purchase Agreement."

Tuesday, April 29. Pages 483-522.