Real Estate Transactions
Class Assignments

Fall Semester 2012

Monday, August 20. Read NWBF pages 2-21 (Real Estate Brokerage). Class discussion will focus on one or more of the following discussion questions for this material.

Wednesday, August 22. After completing any remaining discussion of the brokerage material, we will discuss NWBF pages 21-42 (Contract Formation/Statute of Frauds). Discussion questions.

Thursday, August 23 (Skills Training students only). We will discuss the brokerage listing agreement problem (which will be distributed to students in the Skills Training section by e-mail).

Monday, August 27. NWBF pages 21-42 (Contract Formation/Statute of Frauds). Discussion Questions.

Wednesday, August 29. Complete NWBF 21-42, then begin pages 73-85 (Seller's Title Obligation; "Encumbrances"). Discussion questions for pages 73-85.

Thursday, August 30 (Skills Training students only). We will discuss letters of intent (readings and skills exercise to be distributed by e-mail on or before August 25).

Monday, September 3. LABOR DAY HOLIDAY. No class meeting.

Wednesday, September 5. NWBF pages 73-85 (Seller's Title Obligation). Discussion questions for pages 73-85.

Thursday, September 6 (Skills Training students only). We will continue discussing letters of intent. We will also discuss the material on the seller's title obligation in the context of review of a condominium declaration and the title issues created by such a declaration. [Declaration distributed by e-mail and in student mailboxes]

Monday, September 10. After a brief wrap-up on the Seller's title obligation, we will discuss NWBF pages 65-73 and 85-99 (Time for Performance/Equitable Conversion). Discussion questions.

Wednesday, September 12. Complete pages 65-73 and 85-99.

Thursday, September 13. (Skills Training students only) We will continue discussion of the condominium declaration (carryover discussion from September 6).

Monday, September 17. Begin pages 168-189 (Condition of the Premises). Discussion Questions.

Wednesday, September 19. Complete pages 168-189.

Thursday, September 20. (Skills Training students only) We will discuss the "Seller Disclosure and Buyer's Inspection," "Seller Warranties/No Warranties," and "Risk of Loss" Provisions in the purchase/sale contract form (pp. 24-25)

Monday, September 24. Begin NWBF pages 42-65 (Remedies), plus Uzan v. 845 UN Ltd. Partnership (case follows Discussion Questions)

Wednesday, September 26. Pages 42-65 and Uzan.

Thursday, September 27. We will finish discussing the "Risk of Loss" provisions from Sept. 20, and will then begin discussing the drafting of liquidated damages provisions and the use of "option agreements" as a potential alternative (materials handed out on September 26).

Monday, October 1. Complete pages 42-65 with discussion of Uzan case. Begin NWBF pages 127-168 (Deeds, Land Descriptions, Delivery and Escrow). Discussion Questions

Wednesday, October 3. Pages 127-168.

Thursday, October 4 (Skills Training students only). We will discuss the "liquidated damages v. option contract" issue explored in Monday's discussion of Uzan and address any questions about the structure and operation of the "Option Agreement" distributed on Sept. 26. We will also briefly discuss land description issues.

Monday, October 8. Pages 127-168.

Wednesday, October 10. Complete pages 127-168, then begin NWBF pages 201-238 (Title Search and the Recording System). Discussion Questions and Supplemental Readings.

Thursday, October 11 (Skills Training students). Escrow Agreements/Escrow Instructions.

Monday, October 15. Pages 201-238.

Wednesday, October 17. Pages 201-238.

Thursday, October 18 (Skills Training Students). No class meeting (release time to work on Assignment #3). I will have extended office hours from 8:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. for questions regarding Assignment #3.

Monday, October 22. Complete pages 201-238.