This is the webpage for Professor Freyermuth's Spring Semester 2012 Real Estate Transactions course. The lecture class meets this semester each Monday and Wednesday at 9:30am in Room 5. For students also registered in the Skills Training section of the course, the class also meets each Thursday at 9:30am in Room 5. Assignments can be found below; prior assignments are archived via the Assignments link above.

Current Announcements

Current Assignments

Here is the Syllabus for the Real Estate Transactions course, which includes information regarding the required text and course requirements. The casebook is Nelson, Whitman, Burkhart & Freyermuth, Real Estate Transfer, Finance, and Development: Cases and Materials (8th ed.).

August 25: From time to time, I'll assemble the questions that come up after class or by e-mail and post those questions in a memo along with my answers, for the benefit of the entire class. Here's a question/answer memo addressing some questions regarding the brokerage material.

November 28: Here are complete slides to accompany the material on title insurance, the material on closing/settlement, and the material on commercial leasing. Slides for previous assignments are available via the Class Presentations link.




Wednesday, October 24. Begin pages 189-201 and pages 238-257 (Deed Warranties and Title Insurance). Discussion Questions for pages 189-201 and 238-257.

Thursday, October 25 (Skills Training students only). Survey review materials (distributed in student mailboxes)

Monday, October 29. Title Insurance (Pages 238-257).

Wednesday, October 31. Title Insurance (Pages 238-257).

Thursday, November 1 (Skills Training students only). Title Commitment review

Monday, November 5. Closing/Settlement (Pages 257-269).

Wednesday, November 7. Commercial Leasing (materials to be distributed in class on October 31). Introduction and Assignment/Subleasing (pages 749-759)

Monday, November 12. Assignment/Subleasing (pages 749-759); Demised Premises/Term (pages 759-769)

Wednesday, November 14. Demised Premises/Term (pages 759-769); Rent (769-779)

Thursday, November 15 (Skills Training students only). Negotiating/Pricing a Tenant Termination Option

Nov. 19-23. Thanksgiving Break (No Class Meeting)

Monday, November 26. Term (pages 759-769); Rent (769-779)