This is the webpage for Professor Freyermuth's Fall Semester 2014 Real Estate Transactions and Finance course. The text for the course is Nelson, Whitman, Burkhart & Freyermuth, Real Estate Transfer, Finance, and Development: Cases and Materials (8th ed. West). Classes meet this semester on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:50 a.m. in Classroom 6.

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Class Assignments

Click here for the Syllabus for the course.

Monday, September 15: Here are powerpoint slides to accompany the material on remedies (through class on Monday, September 15. Previous presentations:

Statute of frauds (August 25-26)
Marketable title (August 27-28) [CORRECTED September 8]
Time of performance, tender, and equitable conversion (September 2-4)
Condition of the Property (September 8-10)
Financing Contingencies (September 10-11)


Prior assignments are archived via the Assignments link.

Wednesday, September 10: Complete Assignment #5, then begin Assignment #6 (Remedies)

Thursday, September 11: Assignment #6

Monday, September 15: Assignment #6

Tuesday, September 16: Complete Assignment #6, then begin Assignment #7 (Real Estate Brokers)

Wednesday, September 17: Assignment #7

Thursday, September 18: Assignment #8 (Deeds: Content, Delivery, Escrow)

Monday, September 22: Assignment #8