This is the webpage for Professor Freyermuth's Fall Semester 2014 Real Estate Transactions and Finance course. The text for the course is Nelson, Whitman, Burkhart & Freyermuth, Real Estate Transfer, Finance, and Development: Cases and Materials (8th ed. West). Classes meet this semester on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:50 a.m. in Classroom 6.

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Click here for the Syllabus for the course.

Tuesday, October 21: Here's a question/answer memo that (I think) includes all of the questions I got about the Fannie/Freddie Uniform Instruments, and which also includes some questions posed by students in last year's Real Estate Finance course, along with my answers. If you review the memo and either (a) I didn't answer your question at all, or (b) you don't understand my answer or have a follow-up question, please let me know and I'll update the memo accordingly.

Here are powerpoint slides to accompany the material on Judicial Foreclosure as well as the material on Nonjudicial Foreclosure (through class on Tuesday, October 21). Previous presentations:

Statute of frauds (August 25-26)
Marketable title (August 27-28) [CORRECTED September 8]
Time of performance, tender, and equitable conversion (September 2-4)
Condition of the Property (September 8-10)
Financing Contingencies (September 10-11)
Remedies (September 11-16)
Deeds, Delivery, Escrow (Sept. 17-23)
Deed Covenants
Recording Systems and Title Search
Title Insurance
Fannie/Freddie Uniform Instruments
Default and Acceleration


Prior assignments are archived via the Assignments link.

Monday, October 21. Assignment #16 (Nonjudicial Foreclosure).

Tuesday, October 22. Assignment #16.

Wednesday, October 23. Complete Assignment #16, begin Assignment #17 (Redemption, Statutory Redemption, and Deficiency Judgments). Click here for the First Bank v. Fischer & Frichtel decision.

Thursday, October 24. Complete Assignment #17.

Monday, October 27. Assignment #19 (Mortgages of Leased Property; Mortgage/Lease Priority and the SNDA Agreement). Read pages 358-372 and the tenant-favorable SNDA form included with the discussion questions about the Dover Mobile Estates case. Also, read pages 1-10 of this memorandum and the lender-friendly SNDA form at Appendix 4 (you don't need to read the other appendices). Our guest speaker on Monday will be Fred Lutz (Mizzou Law '06), Regional Director of Real Estate for CVS/Caremark.

Tuesday, October 28. We will pick back up with Assignment #18, pages 574-585 (Deeds in Lieu of Foreclosure and Short Sales).

Wednesday, October 29. Pages 358-392 (Assignments of Rents and Leases; Collection of Rents; Priority in Rents)

Thursday, October 30. Pages 392-404 (Receiverships). Time permitting, pages 404-412 (Waste)