Exams on Computers


The following policy applies to student use of computers in taking examinations that (1) are administered during business hours within the law school building and (2) restrict student access to some reference materials during the writing of the examination. It therefore does not apply to “take-home” examinations (since it is impossible for the Law school to provide staff support for the examination software in that environment), nor to examinations taken within the building with no restrictions on the use of reference material (since the examination software is not needed in that situation). With respect to examinations that do not fall within the present policy, individual faculty members may establish their own reasonable policies for use of computers. Any such policy should be announced to students and support staff early in the term.

  1. Use of computers to write an examination must be authorized by the individual faculty member teaching each course.
  2. No student will be required to use a computer for an examination.
  3. All students who use computers to type their examinations will be required to use the software approved by the Law school (Exam4) and follow the procedures established by the law school. Individual faculty members may impose supplemental procedures for examinations in their courses that are not inconsistent with those established by the School of Law.
  4. The Law school computer lab will not be available for examination use.
  5. Proctors will be available during all periods that the examination software is in use by students. However, those providing assistance will not attempt to resolve technical computer problems, and will simply witness and log any restarting of a computer by a student. Students should understand that a technical failure is possible and in that event should be prepared to complete their examinations using bluebooks.
  6. The implementation of this policy may involve use of software that will run only on English language-enabled Windows-based PCs and Macs with OS 10.6 or later operating systems only.  Mac users MUST use the Exam4 client developed for Macs. Apple or Mac users may NOT use Bootcamp, Parallels or any other Windows emulator for the Windows version of the Exam4 client.
  7. Students will be required to download the examination software and MUST submit a practice exam before the examination begins in order to familiarize themselves with the software. Students will bear the risk that their computers are incompatible with the examination software.
  8. Students will also bear the risk of a computer failure during the examination.  MU Law IT will assist in recovery of any Exam that is saved on a students’ laptop, however, hardware failures of a serious nature may result in the inability to retrieve an exam.  The acting Dean of Students will determine the course of action if this occurs.
  9. In the event I am a Non-Law student (a student not pursuing a J.D. degree at this time), I will pay a computing fee of $10 for a one-semester license to take law exams on computer.  I understand that I am subject to all School of Law exams on computer policies.