Exams on Computers


Pre-Exam Procedures

The individual instructors determine which classes will be available for exams on computers.

  • Carefully again review the Requirements and Policies contained on this page.
  • Download the appropriate and current version of the exam software.  A new version of the exam software will be available one week before each exam period.  You must download a new version of the software for each exam cycle (For example, the Exam4 software you download for mid-term exams CANNOT be used for finals in the same semester).  Availability of the Exam4 software download will be announced via email.
  • You must successfully begin, end and submit a practice exam.  All practice exam submissions are due by the appropriate deadlines indicated.
  • Upon successful practice exam submission, you will receive an email confirmation from mulawexams@missouri.edu that MUST BE PRINTED AND TURNED INTO 203 HULSTON HALL.  You will only receive a confirmation email if you use your PAWPRINT as your Exam ID on your practice exam.  Failure to use your PAWPRINT as the Exam ID will result in no email confirmation, which will be deemed a failure on your part to correctly submit your practice exam.  Email confirmations must be submitted to 203 Hulston Hall by the deadline indicated.
  • A new version of the Notice of Intent Form must be completed and submitted to 203 Hulston Hall by the deadline indicated.
  • A printed copy of your practice exam email confirmation and completed Notice of Intent Form (AS NOTED ABOVE) need to be stapled together and submitted simultaneously to 203 Hulston Hall.  Either document will be refused if submitted alone without the other required document.
  • Attend a tutorial for taking exams on computer (if you’ve never used the Exam4 software).  Times and dates for training sessions will be sent via email.


Exam Day Procedures

Bring your laptop, fully charged battery (and backup battery) and wireless network card (if not internal) to the appropriate exam room.  If you normally use an external keyboard and/or mouse, be sure to bring those as well.  Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the exam.  In the exam room, you will be provided with a bluebook for the exam, exam questions, pencils, and scrap paper.  The proctor in your exam room will guide you through the following procedures — you should practice them on your own prior to exam day:

  1. Turn on your laptop, and start the Exam4 software
  2. From the Exam4 software menu pick: Prepare to start a new exam
  3. Pick the Next button
  4. Enter your Exam ID from your bluebook twice in the fields shown
  5. From the pull down menu select the exam that you will be taking.
  6. From the pull down menu select the exam that you will be taking (again).  The 2 selections must match or you will receive an error.
  7. Pick the Next button
  8. If you would like the set the optional timer and alerts do so.  NOTE: The proctor will keep official exam time
  9. Pick the Next button
  10. Read the Notice of Instructions.  Check to see that your computer’s date and time are correct. If not, correct them per the instructions.  Additionally, read the information for disabling your computer’s hibernation and sleep settings and make the corrections necessary.
  11. When you have read the Notice of Instruction, check the box labeled Got it?
  12. Pick the Next button
  13. On the Exam Mode screen type the appropriate EXAM MODE and then place a check in the confirmation box.
  14. Pick the Next button
  15. Review the next screen to make sure that your Exam ID and Course are correct.  WAIT until the instructor/proctor gives you permission to begin the exam.  If an exam is started before the instructor/proctor advises, an honor code violation will be issued.
  16. When the instructor/proctor says to begin pick the Begin Exam button
  17. The Exam4 software will perform a security scan for approximately 30-60 seconds on your computer, and will then display a basic word processor screen where you will type your answers.
  18. Type your answer to question 1.  When you have completed question one, insert an answer separation at the end.  Go to TOOLS pull down menu, and select Insert Answer Separation.
  19. Start typing the answer to question 2 and insert an answer separator, and so on.


  • During an exam, once the proctor starts the pre-exam start-up procedure, a student who enters the exam room to take an exam on computer MAY NOT take the exam on computer, because that person will delay the exam for other students arriving on time.  The late arriving student MUST, however, remain in the computer room and will be allowed to write the exam.
  • Time spent resolving computer failures will not be added to the time allowed to a student to complete an examination.  However, individual faculty members will retain their traditional discretion in grading, including the making of such adjustments as they deem appropriate when grading examinations in which there has been a technical failure.
  • Reasonable attempts will be made to separate those taking exams on computers from those who are writing their exams.  It may not be possible to provide different rooms for both groups.  During Make-up or conflicted exams, students taking exams on computers may be commingled with those who are writing exams.
  • Earplugs are permitted in any exam room.
  • Any attempt to disable or tamper with the security features of the examination software will be prosecuted as a violation of the honor code.
  • Students who take examinations on computer will have the same length of time to take the examination as those who hand write their examination.


In Case of Problems

If your computer freezes during the examination contact the proctor immediately.  DO NOT reboot your computer or attempt to close or re-launch the Exam4 software.  When the proctor arrives you can restart the computer and reenter the exam in the amount of time it normally takes to reboot Windows.  Upon reboot, the proctor will guide you through this procedure:

  1. In the Exam4 dialog box choose Select previous exam
  2. Highlight the exam you were working on
  3. Pick Begin Exam
  4. Enter the following start code: EXAM4MULCH
  5. Type a brief reason for why the exam had to be restarted (i.e. computer froze, battery died, etc.) The proctor will note the reboot procedure and attach a log sheet to your final exam
  6. The Exam4 software will perform the security scan again, and will recover your exam up to the last automatic save. Pick OK to continue the exam
  7. Continue with the exam until time is called.

If you are unable to get back into an exam after a lockup, battery failure, or other event, the portion of the exam that was completed prior to the freeze will almost certainly be recoverable for grading purposes.  You will need to complete the rest of the exam by hand.  Students should understand that an unrecoverable technical failure is possible and in that event should be prepared to complete their examinations using bluebooks.  Exams will not be delayed or suspended due to computer problems.  The proctor will not attempt to resolve technical computer problems, but will simply witness and log any restarting of a computer by a student.  When the rest of the exam is completed you MUST take your computer to the IT staff of the law school for recovery of the typed portion of your exam.  DO NOT attempt to recover the data yourself.



Completing the Exam

When the proctor calls time you must stop typing immediately.  Failure to comply will result in an honor code violation.  To complete the exam process, the proctor will guide you through this procedure.

  1. From the pull down menu select End Exam Now
  2. Check the Confirm button
  3. Pick OK, end exam
  4. Select Submit Electronically. The law school WILL NOT accept submissions by floppy, USB flash drive, or cdrom unless your computer fails to send the exam electronically. (See ITEM 4 under the Laptop Computer Requirement’s Additional Requirements section of this page).
  5. After you pick the submit electronically button you will receive a message indicating that your exam was successfully sent to the server, pick OK.
  6. A dialog box will appear with some information regarding your exam (i.e. number of sections and words per sections, etc.). Review the information then pick OK.
  7. Close the status dialog box
  8. From the File and Save Options pull down menu select Exit
  9. Read the Exit Exam dialog box to make sure that your exam has been successfully sent and that you are sure you want to exit the Exam4. Check the I’m Sure dialog box, then pick Exit Exam.
  10. Wait for any additional information from your instructor

Post-Exam Procedure

There could still be a problem retrieving your exam from the receiving station.  Do not uninstall Exam4, or attempt to tinker with any encrypted files on your computer, until after you receive your exam grades.