Exams on Computers

Laptop Computer Requirements

In order to participate in exams on computers, you must meet the following requirements:

System and Hardware Requirements

The following requirements are specifically for laptops used to take exams:

  1. 10 MB free hard disk space
  2. 800 x 600 screen resolution (minimum)
  3. All laptop computers must have a supported internal or PCMCIA Wireless Network card configured for the university’s wireless network including current WEP key. The network card must be in current working order and configured correctly.
  4. All laptop computers must have an available and functioning USB port. The USB port will be used ONLY in the event that an exam cannot be sent electronically. The law school will provide a USB flash drive in the event that an exam cannot be sent electronically.
  5. Students should bring a fully functioning AC power adapter for their specific laptop to each exam.  The law school does NOT provide any AC power adapters.


Software Requirements

Students are required to have the most current version of the Exam4 software downloaded and installed succesfully on their laptops prior to taking the exam. Students arriving on the day of an exam without the curent software downloaded and installed will not be able to use their laptops for the exam and must complete the exam using a bluebook.

  • Each exam cycle there is an updated version of the Exam4 software created for the MU School of Law. Thus, even if you have previously taken exams with Exam4, you will need to download the updated version of the software for the current semester. Thus, if you took a mid-term examination, you will need to download another version of Exam4 for finals for that semester. Similarly, if you downloaded Exam4 for Fall exams, you need to download a new version for mid-terms or finals for the Winter semester or Summer School.
  • Notifications and specific instructions will be emailed to your university email account when the new version of Exam4 is available for each exam cycle.