Concentrations & Certificates

Center for the Digital Globe (Graduate Certificate)

The Center for the Digital Globe, established by the College of Business, School of Journalism, School of Law, and Department of Textile and Apparel Management in the College of Human Environmental Sciences, offers an interdepartmental certificate to graduate students of the University of Missouri-Columbia. The certificate program supplements the students’ graduate studies within the various colleges and schools that make up the University. This is not a degree-granting program. Instead, the certificate attests to the students’ successful completion of a required course of study with emphasis on the managerial, theoretical and policy-related issues associated with digital media, electronic commerce and globalization.

Students receiving the graduate certificate will have demonstrated competencies in:

  1. Technology. Students need not have achieved mastery of specific engineering, programming or application skills. Instead, the students must demonstrate a working understanding of how digital technologies function.
  2. Global Communication. One of the primary characteristics of digital technologies, and particularly the Internet, are their function as worldwide communications media. Whether from the perspective of journalism, business or the law, the impact of these new communications channels has been substantial. Students should achieve an understanding of how new media are different from print or broadcast media and the consequences of those differences.
  3. Business. Students should be well grounded in the principles, opportunities and ethical uses of electronic commerce and its impact on journalism, law and commercial practices.
  4. Culture and Society. Digital media raise recurrent questions which call for political and social solutions. Students should be able to understand the broader issues raised by technological change and prepared to take positions of leadership as such issues present themselves. Examples of such issues are questions of globalization, political boundaries, access, ownership and uses of information, marketing, etc.

To achieve the goals of the certificate and assure its value to students, the University, and prospective employers or donors, the certificate program enjoys certain characteristics. Perhaps most fundamental is the inter-disciplinary nature of the program. While each department has the capability of offering a course emphasis, track, or intra-departmental certificates to students in the area of technology and commerce, one of the fundamental concepts underlying the Center is the value and necessity of approaching these issues from the perspective of various disciplines. With these principles in mind, the program has been designed to assure that the interdisciplinary character of the course of work will be emphasized. The required course work compels students to come together for an interdisciplinary introduction to their studies, and permits them to work separately and within their respective disciplines for further study. Students then come together again for a concluding experience that will involve working collectively through a case study.