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Journal of Environmental and Sustainability Law (JESL)

The Journal of Environmental and Sustainability Law (JESL) was established in 1993 as the Missouri Environmental Law & Policy Review (MELPR). MELPR focused on regional and national environmental issues of interest to practitioners and policymakers. In the spring of 2012, MELPR became JESL. JESL continues MELPR’s focus on national environmental issues, while adding an emphasis on law and policy relevant to a sustainable world.  JESL is a joint venture of the University of Missouri School of Law and the Missouri Bar’s Environmental and Energy Law Committee (MEELC). It is a student-edited publication with a student Editorial Board and a Board of Advisers comprised of members of the MEELC, with the Missouri Bar providing printing services.  JESL publishes two editions a year, one in the spring and one in the fall.

Membership in JESL is not only helpful when seeking employment post-graduation, but its greater importance is the sharpened research, analytical and writing skills attained during a student’s candidacy. Members gain invaluable experience critiquing writing objectively, defending a professional position, and researching a topic exhaustively.