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The Missouri Law Review was first published in 1936, making it one of the oldest legal publications west of the Mississippi River.  The Law Review is published quarterly by the University of Missouri School of Law and is an entirely student-run publication.  The Missouri Law Review is traditionally divided into three sections: (1) Lead Articles, (2) Comments, and (3) Case Notes and Law Summaries.  Lead Articles are written by law professors, practicing attorneys, and members of the judiciary.  Comments, written by Law Review Associate Members, provide an in-depth focus on a particular area of law.  Case Notes, written by Law Review Associate Members, analyze issues raised by recent court decisions or legislative acts.  Law Summaries are also written by Law Review Associate Members and provide a broad discussion of a statute or legal topic.  Each semester, Associate Members write a Case Note, Law Summary, or Comment on a topic of their choice and have the opportunity to be selected for publication.  The Law Review is a great opportunity to write publishable legal scholarship, examine legal issues you find important, develop your research and writing skills, and gain leadership experience.  Associate members are chosen through a writing competition held each summer.  Any student having completed the required first year coursework may enter the writing competition if the student is able to serve at least two semesters on the Missouri Law Review.