Student Organizations

Equal Justice Law Association (EJLA)

The Equal Justice Law Association (EJLA) is a group of law students committed to advancing public interest law at the University of Missouri, the Mid-Missouri community, and the larger region. The organization is dedicated to educating law students about public interest law and encouraging their participation in this area during their time in law school as well as their later legal careers.

EJLA student volunteers work with a number of public interest organizations throughout the region in order to advance shared goals in the areas of: housing, public benefits, immigration, public defender systems, and other related poverty issues.

EJLA’s specific aims include: educating and encouraging students to pursue opportunities in public interest law and legal services; assisting public interest governmental or non-governmental not-for-profit agencies; organizing volunteer opportunities and internships for law students throughout the Mid-West and South; raising funds to provide grants/scholarships to University of Missouri Law School students who elect to take unpaid internships with public interest organizations. EJLA also plans a service trip to New Orleans during winter break to volunteer with Southeast Louisiana Legal Services.