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Promoting Sustainable Energy Through Tax Policy

Renewable energy and sustainable development are valuable means of combatting climate change and of reducing the nation’s reliance on foreign energy sources. Recognizing the importance of sustainable energy, state and federal policymakers have employed aggressive tax incentive programs to stimulate unprecedented growth in wind energy, solar energy, biomass, green building, and related industries in recent  Continue Reading »

JESL announces its 2012-2013 Editorial Board

The Journal of Environmental and Sustainability Law is proud to announce its 2012-2013 Editorial Board: Senior Editorial Board Trever Neuroth, Editor-in-Chief Mark Godfrey, Managing Editor James Boresi, Associate Editor-in-Chief Burke Bindbeutel, Lead Articles Editor Note and Comment Editors Marriam Lin Kevin Luebbering Associate Managing Editors Patrick Kutz Ryan Niehaus

JESL Symposium March 9

The Journal of Environmental and Sustainability Law is proud to present it’s ignagural symposium, Environmental Justice Issues in Sustainable Development. For more information, pelase visit the symposium page.

Case notes selected for JESL’s inaugural issue

The Journal of Environmental and Sustainability Law is pleased to announce that the following case notes will be published in the upcoming Volume 19, Issue 1: James D. Boresi, National Pork Producers’ Council v. EPA, A Case for Cooperation Between the EPA and the USDA to Achieve Federal Environmental Quality Goals Mark D. Godfrey, The Continuing Burden  Continue Reading »

Symposium essay contest

In conjunction with its 2012 Symposium, Environmental Justice Issues in Sustainable Development, JESL is excited to announce the “Current Issues in Environmental Policy and Sustainable Development” Essay Competition. Sponsored by the MU Sustainable Environmental Policy Network, this essay contest calls for submissions from both graduate and undergraduate students. Submissions should be about 2,000 to 3,000 words and  Continue Reading »