The membership of JESL’s Editorial Board and Associate Members is comprised of second and third year students at the University of Missouri School of Law. The Editorial Board is responsible for the management of the journal as well as the supervision of the associate members. The Associate Members are primarily responsible for editing journal content as well as writing and submitting their own content for publication. JESL is also supported through the work of a faculty advisor and a three-member Board of Advisors.

Editorial Board

Scott Martin, Editor-In-Chief

Adam Ellis, Managing Editor

Theodore Lynch, Associate Editor-In-Chief

Jafon Fearson, Layout and Design Editor

Allison Tungate, Senior Lead Articles Editor

Associate Managing Editors

Andrew Crane

Robert Herz

Devon Vincent

Note and Comment Editors

Patrick Logan

Domenic Sita

Alesha Williams

Associate Members

John Whiteman

Yelena Bosovik

Conor Curran

Brett Smith

Kristina Youmaran

Steve Cady

Josh Haner

Brian McGarry

Chris Mruzik

Adrienne Spiller

Kayla Meine

Ellyn Horan

Greg Haueisen

Adam Wilson

Alison Schenkelberg


Faculty Advisor

Martha Dragich

Rigel Oliveri

Board of Advisors

Stephen Jeffery, Chairman

Robert Brundage

Stephen Krchma