Fall 2007 Volume 72, Issue 4

November 7, 2012


Foreword: Thank You, Dale

R. Wilson Freyermuth


How to Solve (or Avoid) the Exactions Problem

Richard A. Epstein


Risks and Realities of Mezzanine Loans

Andrew R. Berman


Real Estate Practice in the Twenty-First Century

Ann M. Burkhart


Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac Uniform Mortgage Instruments: The Forgotten Benefit to Homeowners

Julia Patterson Forrester


Trust and Community: The Common Interest Community as Metaphor and Paradox

Paula A. Franzese, Steven Siegel


Why Mortgagors Can’t Get No Satisfaction

R. Wilson Freyermuth


Doctrines of Waste in a Landscape of Waste

John A. Lovett


The Foreclosure Purchase by the Equity of Redemption Holder or Other Junior Interests: When Should Principles of Fairness and Morality Trump Normal Priority Rules?

Grant S. Nelson


Boundaries of Exclusion

Georgette Chapman Phillips


Mortgage Law in China: Comparing Theory and Practice

Gregory M. Stein


Teaching Property – A Conceptual Approach

Dale A. Whitman


A Bundle of Trouble: An Analysis of How the Lower Courts Have Handled Bundled Discounts Since LePage’s Inc. v. 3M

John H. Kilper


Tipping Point: Missouri Single Subject Provision

Alexander R. Knoll


Slurred Speech and Double Vision: Missouri’s Supreme Court Is Unsteady on DWI Standard

Alison K. Spinden


In re N.L.B. v. Lentz: The Missouri Supreme Court’s Unwarranted Extension of a Putative Father’s Constitutional Protections

Lauren Standlee


From One Pocket to the Other: The Abuse of Real Estate Investment Trusts Deductions

Jennifer Stonecipher