Fall 2008: Volume 73, Issue 4

November 7, 2012

Symposium: Return to Missouri v. Holland: Federalism and International Law


Margaret E. McGuinness


Missouri v. Holland’s Second Holding

Carlos Manuel Vázquez


Missouri v. Holland and Historical Textualism

Michael D. Ramsey


Putting Missouri v. Holland on the Map

Edward T. Swaine


Resurrecting Missouri v. Holland

Peter J. Spiro


What Story Got Wrong – Federalism, Localist Opportunism and International Law

Paul B. Stephan


The Crucial Role of the States And Private International Law Treaties: A Model for Accommodating Globalization

Julian G. Ku


The Elusive Foreign Compact

Duncan B. Hollis


The 2008 Earl F. Nelson Lecture

The Internationalism of American Federalism: Missouri and Holland

Judith Resnik


Federalism and International Law Through the Lens of Legal Pluralism

Paul Schiff Berman


Foreign Affairs, International Law, and the New Federalism: Lessons from Coordination

Robert B. Ahdieh


Tiebout Goes Global: International Migration as a Tool for Voting With Your Feet

Ilya Somin


Federalism and Horizontality in International Human Rights

Margaret E. McGuinness



The First Amendment and Specialty License Plates: The “Choose Life” Controversy

Stephanie S. Bell


The “Direct Threat” Defense Under the ADA: Posing a Threat to the Protection of Disabled Employees

Rene´ L. Duncan


Cotenants Trumping Cotenants: The Eighth Circuit Takes a Diverse Stance on Cotenants’ Authority Under the Fourth Amendment

Benjamin M. Johnston


Does It Make a Difference? Granting Public Employees the Right to Collectively Bargain

Amanda Stogsdill


The Split on Sanctioning Pro Se Litigants Under 28 U.S.C. § 1927: Choose Wisely When Picking a Side, Eighth Circuit

 Kelsey Whitt