Spring 2008: Volume 73, Issue 2

November 7, 2012

Symposium: A Tribute to Professor David Fischer

Foreword: David Fischer, the Fox

David F. Partlett


Design Defects

David G. Owen


Resuscitating Hospital Enterprise Liability

Philip G. Peters, Jr.


The Insubstantiality of the “Substantial Factor” Test for Causation

Joseph Sanders, Michael D. Green, William C. Powers, Jr.


Choosing what we mean by “Causation” in the Law

Jane Stapleton



Pragmatism Over Politics: Recent Trends in Lower Court Employment Discrimination Jurisprudence

Lee Reeves



Less Is More: Decluttering the State Action Doctrine

Julie K. Brown


The Crawford Confusion Marches On: The Confrontation Clause and Hearsay Laboratory Drug Reports

David A. Doellman


Medical Monitoring: Missouri’s Welcomed Acceptance

Anita J. Patel


Punitive Damages & Due Process: Trying to Keep Up with the United States Supreme Court after Philip Morris USA v. Williams

Tyler C. Schaeffer


Discrimination After Daugherty: Are Missouri Courts “Contributing to” or “Motivated By” the Number of Cases on the Discrimination Docket?

Amanda Stogsdill