Spring 2009: Volume 74, Issue 2

November 7, 2012


Who’s Afraid of Redistribution? An Analysis of the Earned Income Tax Credit

Jennifer Bird-Pollan


Religious & Philosophical Exemptions to Mandatory School Vaccinations: Who Should Bear the Costs to Society?

Anthony Ciolli


Redevelopment Condemnations: A Blight or a Blessing upon the Land?

Judge Harold L. Lowenstein



Saving Missouri’s Public Defender System: A Call for Adequate Legislative Funding

Justine Finney Guyer


Falling Through the Cracks: Missouri Amends Its Felon Firearm Possession Statute

Adam E. Hanna


High-Tech Words Do Hurt: A Modern Makeover Expands Missouri’s Harassment Law to Include Electronic Communications

Andrew M. Henderson


Missouri’s Second Injury Fund – Should It Stay or Should It Go?: An Examination of the Question Facing the Missouri State Legislature

Jason R. McClitis


Setting Things Straight: Adding a Provision to Allow Damages for Emotional Distress in the Bankruptcy Code Could Clear up a Lot of Confusion

Nathan M. Priestaf


When MIRA Liens Trump Attorney Fee Claims: A Harsh Result in Light of Karpierz?

Carrie B. Williamson