Summer 2008: Volume 73, Issue 3

November 7, 2012


Mistake and Disclosure in a Model of Two-Sided Informational Inputs

Michael J. Borden


The Ethical Exploitation of the Unrepresented Consumer

Victoria J. Haneman


Tesla, Marconi, And The Great Radio Controversy: Awarding Patent Damages Without Chilling A Defendant’s Incentive To Innovate

Christopher A. Harkins



Copycats, Relax! The Federal Circuit Lightens Up on Willful Patent Infringement

Sarah J. Garber


Financing Long-Term Care in Missouri: Limits and Changes in the Wake of the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005

Julia M. Hargraves


Conforming Doctrine to Practice: Making Room for Collateral Consequences in the Missouri Mootness Analysis

Zachary C. Howenstine


Is it hot in here? The Eighth Circuit’s Reduction of Fourth Amendment Protections in the Home

William E. Marcantel


Bundled Discounts: The Ninth Circuit and the Third Circuit Are on Separate LePage’s

Blake I. Markus