Summer 2009: Volume 74, Issue 3

November 7, 2012

Symposium: Mulling Over the Missouri Plan: A Review of State Judicial Selection and Retention Systems


R. Lawrence Dessem


The 2009 Earl F. Nelson Lecture

The Essentials and Expendables of the Missouri Plan

Sandra Day O’Connor


Special Interest Influence: Balancing Independence and Accountability

We Have Met the Special Interests, and We Are They

Michael R. Dimino, Sr.


A Plea for Reality

Roy A. Schotland


Federal and State Judicial Selection in an Interest Group Perspecti

Michael E. Solimine, Rafael Gely


Parties, Interest Groups, and Systemic Change

Anthony Champagne


Shedding (Empirical) Light on Judicial Selection

Lee Epstein


Retention Elections in a Merit-Selection System: Balancing the Will of the Public with the Need for Judicial Independence and Accountability

Reconciling the Judicial Ideal and the Democratic Impulse in Judicial Retention Elections

Rachel Paine Caufield


Do Retention Elections Work?

G. Alan Tarr


Using Judicial Performance Evaluations to Supplement Inappropriate Voter Cues and Enhance Judicial Legitimacy

Penny J. White


Comments on the White, Caufield, and Tarr Articles

Duane Benton


The Fallacies and Fixables of Merit Selection and the Constituencies that Support Missouri Plan Reform

The Politics of Merit Selection

Brian T. Fitzpatrick

The Missouri Nonpartisan Court Plan: The Least Political Method of Selecting High Quality Judges

Laura Denvir Stith, Jeremy Root


The Missouri Plan in National Perspective

Stephen J. Ware


The Bench, the Bar, and Everyone Else: Some Questions About State Judicial Selection

Michael E. DeBow


Exporting the Missouri Plan: Judicial Appointment Commissions

Mary L. Volcansek



The High Cost of Low-Cost Workers: Missouri Enacts New Law Targeting Employers of Unauthorized Workers

Michael B. Barnett


There but for the Grace of God Go I: The Right of Cross-Examination in Social Security Disability Hearings

Bradley S. Dixon


The Eighth Circuit Loosens the Grip of the Bankruptcy Gag Rule, but Holds Attorneys to Advertising Disclosure Requirement

Bethany R. Findley


Fender Bender Lottery: Direct Victims and Bystanders in Recovery for the Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress

Josh Hill


The Inadequacies of Missouri Intestacy Law: Addressing the Rights of Posthumously Conceived Children

Kimberly E. Naguit