Winter 2008: Volume 73, Issue 1

November 7, 2012


Effective Communication of Warnings in the Workplace: Avoiding Injuries in Working with Industrial Materials

Victor E. Schwartz, Christopher E. Appel


Rule 804(b)(6) – The Illegitimate Child of the Failed Liaison Between the Hearsay Rule and Confrontation Clause

Anthony Bocchino, David Sonenshein


The Implications of Psychological Research Related to Unconscious Discrimination and Implicit Bias in Proving Intentional Discrimination

Ivan E. Bodensteiner



Dusting off the Blaine Amendment: Two Challenges to Missouri’s Anti-Establishment Tradition

Aaron E. Schwartz


Justifying Facial Discrimination by Government Defendants Under the Fair Housing Act: Which Standard to Apply?

Kaitlin A. Bridges


Unfair Housing on the Internet: The Effect of the Communications Decency Act on the Fair Housing Act

J. Andrew Crossett


Preparing Students for Democratic Participation: Why Teacher Curricular Speech Should Sometimes Be Protected by the First Amendment

Anne Gardner


The Right to Remain Silent: A First Amendment Analysis of Abortion Informed Consent Laws

Whitney D. Pile


Unreasonable? Missouri Rejects a Reasonable Person Standard for Determining Co-Employee Liability Under Badami’s Something More Test

Richard D. Worth