Summer 2010: Volume 75, Issue 3

November 8, 2012

Symposium: Broke and Broken: Can We Fix Our State Indigent Defense System?


Rodney Uphoff


The 2010 Earl F. Nelson Lecture


Legal Representation for the Poor: Can Society Afford This Much Injustice?

Stephen B. Bright


Boots on the Ground: The Ethical and Professional Battles of Public Defenders


Ethical Obligations of Indigent Defense Attorneys to Their Clients

Phyllis E. Mann


State Constitutional Challenges to Indigent Defense Systems

Stephen F. Hanlon


Ensuring the Ethical Representation of Clients in the Face of Excessive Caseloads

Peter A. Joy



Norman Lefstein


Anatomy of a Public Defender System


Public Defender Elections and Popular Control over Criminal Justice

Ronald F. Wright


Raising the Bar: Standards-Based Training, Supervision, and Evaluation

Adele Bernhard


Missouri’s Public Defender Crisis: Shouldering the Burden Alone

Sean D. O’Brien


Patching the System: The Next Steps in Reform


Litigating the Ghost of Gideon in Florida: Separation of Powers as a Tool to Achieve Indigent Defense Reform

Wayne A. Logan


Epiphenomenal Indigent Defense

Darryl K. Brown


Protecting the Innocent: Part of the Solution for Inadequate Funding for Defenders, Not a Panacea for Targeting Justice

Robert P. Mosteller


Silencing the Rebel Yell: The Eighth Circuit Upholds a Public School’s Ban on Confederate Flags

Lucinda Housley Luetkemeyer


The Role of Invidious Discrimination in Free Exercise Claims: Putting Iqbal in its Place

Leila McNeill


Beyond Equality and Adequacy: Equal Protection, Tax Assessments, and the Missouri Public School Funding Dilemma

Ronald K. Rowe II


Counselor, Stop Everything! Missouri’s Venue Statutes Receive an Expansive Interpretation

Darin P. Shreves


Resurrection of a Dead Remedy: Bringing Common Law Negligence Back into Employment Law

Amanda Yoder