Summer 2011 Volume 76, Issue 3

November 8, 2012

Symposium: Evolving the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit and its Patent Law Jurisprudence


Dennis D. Crouch


The 2011 Earl F. Nelson Lecture


Crafting a 21st Century United States Patent and Trademark Office

David Kappos



Unpredictability in Patent Law and Its Effect on Pharmaceutical Innovation

Christopher M. Holman


The Ongoing Confusion Over Ongoing Royalties

Mark A. Lemley


To Construe or Not to Construe: At the Interface Between Claim Construction and Infringement in Patent Cases

Jason R. Mudd


Acting Like an Administrative Agency: The Federal Circuit En Banc

Ryan Vacca


Patent Law’s Unpredictability Doctrine and the Software Arts

Greg R. Vetter


Differentiating the Federal Circuit

Elizabeth I. Winston


The 2011 Symposium Student Legal Writing Competition Winner


Promoting the Progress: Three Decades of Patent Jurisprudence in the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit?

Damon C. Andrews


Pleading Panic: Pure Emotional Damages as “Sickness or Disease” for Bodily Injury Claims

Joseph N. Blumberg


Minimizing Confrontation: The Eighth Circuit Uses Crawford to Avoid Bruton for Non-Testimonial Statements

Samuel Buffaloe


“Secret” Prior Art: Does Prior Art in a Provisional Patent Application Bar Future Patents?

Kyle Gottuso


Unconditional Acceptance: The Supreme Court of Missouri’s Interpretation of Missouri Revised Statutes Section 167.131

Missy McCoy


A Shooting Suspect’s Release Revives the Right to a Speedy Trial in Missouri

Clayton Thompson