Winter 2010 Volume 75, Issue 1

November 8, 2012


Ordinary Creativity in Patent Law: The Artist Within the Scientist

Amy L. Landers


The Context of Ideology: Law, Politics, and Empirical Legal Scholarship

Carolyn Shapiro


The Myth of the Level Playing Field: Knowledge, Affect, and Repetition in Public Debate

Jeremy N. Sheff


The Demise of Arbitration Agreements in Long-Term Care Contracts

Laura K. Bailey


The Plaintiffs’ Bar Cannot Enforce the Laws: Individual Reliance Issues Prevent Consumer Protection Classes in the Eighth Circuit

Michael B. Barnett


A Call to Police the Margins: The Eighth Circuit’s Expansion of Miranda’s Public-Safety Exception

Bradley S. Dixon


Letting the Dead Bury the Dead: Missouri’s Right of Sepulcher Addresses the Modern Decedent’s Wishes

Kimberly E. Naguit


Missouri’s Section 287.865.5 Proof of Claim Filing Requirement: Are Injured Employees Getting a Fair Shake?

Carrie B. Williamson