Fall 2011 Volume 76, Issue 4

January 23, 2013


Mavericks, Moderates, or Drifters? Supreme Court Voting Alignments, 1838-2009

Christine Kexel Chabot & Benjamin Remy Chabot 

Leveraging Tribal Sovereignty for Economic Opportunity: A Strategic Negotiations Perspective

Gavin Clarkson & Jim Sebenius 

Apples and Oranges: Securities Market Losses Should Be Treated Differently for Major White-Collar Criminal Sentencing Under the Federal Guidelines

John D. Esterhay 

Developing the Duffy Defect: Identifying Which Government Workers Are Constitutionally Required to Be Appointed

Stacy M. Lindstedt

Notes & Law Summaries

Life Without Parole, or a Juvenile Death Sentence?

Kyle Gottuso 

Sticks and Stones: IIED and Speech After Snyder v. Phelps

Heath Hooper   

Do I Own This Car? The Supreme Court Creates a Standard for BAPCPA Car Ownership

Anne Benton Hucker

Picking Fights in Missouri: Baldwin’s Non-Rule Embraces the Minority Approach to Internet Libel Jurisdiction

Allison Marie Isaak 

The Cost of a Tax Agenda: The Passage of Proposition A and Its Effects on Kansas City and St. Louis City

Missy McCoy