Spring 2012 Volume 77, Issue 2

January 24, 2013


Getting Away with Murder (Most of the Time): Civil War Era Homicide Cases in Boone County, Missouri

Frank O. Bowman, III

Cost as a Sentencing Factor: Missouri’s Experiment

Chad Flanders 

“Cost as a Sentencing Factor”: A Response

Jeff Milyo

Canines on Campus: Companion Animals at Postsecondary Educational Institutions

Rebecca J. Huss

Taking in Strays: A Critique of the Stray Comment Doctrine in Employment Discrimination Law

Kerri Lynn Stone


Notes & Law Summaries

Pulling the Taxpayer’s Sword from the Stone: The Appropriation Requirement of Missouri’s Hancock Amendment

Jonathan G. Bremer 

Chinese Assault Rifles, Giant Pandas, and Perpetual Litigation: The “Rights Without Remedies” Dead-End of the FSIA

J.F. Hulston

Protecting the Living and the Dead: How Missouri Can Enact a Constitutional Funeral-Protest Statute

Madison Marcolla

State Drug Testing Requirements for Welfare Recipients: Are Missouri and Florida’s New Laws Constitutional?

Abby E. Schaberg 

Echoes from the Past: How the Federal Circuit Continues to Struggle with Patentable Subject Matter Post-Bilski

Jeff Thruston