Winter 2012 Volume 77, Issue 1

January 24, 2013


Foreward: Jim Devine’s “Show Me Spirit”

R. Lawrence Dessem

Introduction: Curt Flood and the Show Me Spirit

Joshua C. Devine

Curt Flood and a Triumph of the Show Me Spirit

James R. Devine  

Grand Theft Auto Loans: Repossession and Demographic Realities in Title Lending

Nathalie Martin & Ozymandias Adams

Judging Parents, Judging Place: Poverty, Rurality, and Termination of Parental Rights

Janet L. Wallace & Lisa R. Pruitt

Taking in Strays: A Critique of the Stray Comment Doctrine in Employment Discrimination Law

Kerri Lynn Stone


Defending the Historic Preservation Tax Credit

Lauren K. Shores, C.P.A.


Notes & Law Summaries

Trapped: Missouri Legislature Seeks to Close Workers’ Compensation Loophole with Some Co-Employees Still Inside

Alexander Cornwell 

Monetary Damages Under the Lanham Act: Eighth Circuit Holds Actual Confusion is Not a Prerequisite

Roger W. Dyer, Jr.

Not So Special After All: How Mayo Granted the Treasury Unfettered Rule-Making Discretion

Daniel W. Graves

Missouri’s Foggy Fog Line Law

Charity Whitney