Spring 2013, Volume 78, Issue 2

July 13, 2014


Disqualification for Bias and International Tribunals:  Room for a Common Test

Margaret Allars

My Way or No Way: The American Reluctance for Trans-Territorial Public Law

William Funk

Dealing with Trans-Territorial Executive Rule-Making

Herwig C.H. Hofmann

The Disaggregated State in Transnational Environmental Regulation

Hoi L. Kong

The Need for a Legitimate Regulatory Regime in Bioethics: A Global and European Perspective

Jane Reichel

Public Participation Without a Public: The Challenge for Administrative Policymaking

Sydney Shapiro and Richard Murphy

Science, Politics, and Administrative Legitimacy

Louis J. Virelli III

The Creation of Transnational Administrative Structures Governing Internet Communication

Russell L. Weaver, Duncan Fairgrieve, and Francois Lichere

Notes & Law Summaries

Churches Built on Sinking Sand: How Courts Decide Who Keeps Church Property Following a Schism

Daniel Coffman

“Equal Exposure” Brews Frustration for Employees: Court Filters Personal Comfort Doctrine Through Workers’ Compensation Amendments

Breanna Hance

A Cause of Action for Student-on-Student Sexual Harassment Under the Missouri Human Rights Act

Amanda N. Johnson

The Constitutionality of Caps: Upholding Missouri’s Right to Jury Trial and the Non- Economic Damages Debate

Rachel Lawrence

Social Networking and Freedom of Speech: Not “Like” Old Times

Zachary Shklar