Summer 2013, Volume 78, Issue 3

July 13, 2014


Decoupling Federal Offense Guidelines from Statutory Limits on Sentencing

Kevin Bennardo

Bankrupting the Faith

Pamela Foohey

Rethinking the Law Firm Organizational Form and Capitalization Structure

Edward S. Adams

Circuit Courts with Plenary Jurisdiction and Administrative Agencies with Exclusive Jurisdiction: Can They Peacefully Coexist in Missouri?

Paul M. Spinden

Notes & Law Summaries

Deciding Where to Draw the Line: Compactness as a Protection Against Gerrymandering in Missouri Redistricting

Stephanie Bradshaw

“Exclusively” Confusing: Who Has Jurisdiction to Determine Jurisdiction Under the Missouri Workers’ Compensation Law?

N. Drew Kemp

Mental States and “Misconduct”: The Supreme Court of Missouri Interprets an Important Disqualification from Unemployment Benefits

Brian Stair

Recoupment and Bankruptcy: How to Effectuate Bankruptcy Policy Through the Same Transaction Test

Jacob Thessen