Winter 2013, Volume 78, Issue 1

July 13, 2014


The Corporate Gatekeeper in Ethical Perspective

Christopher T. Hines

The Currently Mandated Myopia of Rule 10b-5:  Pay No Attention to That Manager Behind the Mutual Fund Curtain

Kelly S. Kibbie

Two Wrongs Do Not Make a Right:  Reconsidering the Application of Comparative Fault to Punitive Damage Awards

Victor E. Schwartz & Christopher E. Appel

A Proposal for a National Mortgage Registry: MERS Done Right

Dale A. Whitman


The Farmer and the Tax Man: The Scope of the Tax Forgiveness Provision in Chapter 12 Bankruptcy

David A. Martin

Notes & Law Summaries

Eighth Circuit Bungles Bundled Discounts: The Court Avoids Resolving Bundled Discounts

Melissa A. Cullmann

A Delicate Balancing of Paternalism and Freedom to Contract:  The Evolving Law of Unconscionability in Missouri

Scott Lee Smithson, Jr.

Drawing on the Constitution: An Empirical Inquiry into the Constitutionality of Warrantless and Nonconsensual DWI Blood Draws

Kevin Stockman