Fall 2013, Volume 78, Issue 4

July 14, 2014


Symposium: Bombshell or Babystep?  The Ramifications of Miller v. Alabama for Sentencing Law and Juvenile Crime Policy

Paul Litton

Juvenile Lifers and Judicial Overreach:  A Curmudgeonly Meditation on  Miller v. Alabama

Frank O. Bowman, III

Miller v. Alabama: What It Is,  What It May Be, and What It Is Not

Nancy Gertner

Eighth Amendment Differentness

William W. Berry III

Not Just Kid Stuff?  Extending Graham and Miller to Adults

Michael M. O’Hear

Mill(er)ing Mandatory Minimums: What Federal Lawmakers Should Take from Miller v. Alabama

Mary Price

Precedent as a Policy Map: What Miller v. Alabama Tells Us About Emerging Adults and the Direction of Contemporary Youth Services

Clark Peters

The Other “Missouri Model”:   Systemic Juvenile Injustice  in the Show-Me State

Mae C. Quinn

Where the Judiciary Prosecutes in Front of Itself: Missouri’s Unconstitutional Juvenile Court Structure

Josh Gupta-Kagan


We the People: A Needed Reform of State Initiative and Referendum Procedures

Nicholas R. Theodore

Notes & Law Summaries

Bargaining with Bite: Missouri High Court’s Constitutional Holdings Alter Public Sector Labor Law

Peter W. Bay

The USERRA Oxymoron: Termination as a Valid Reemployment Position

Breanna Hance

A Cure for Collusive Settlements:  The Case for a Per Se Prohibition on  Pay-for-Delay Agreements in Pharmaceutical Patent Litigation

Michael Owens