Fall 2014, Volume 79, Issue 4

February 26, 2015

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Table of Contents

Symposium Forward

The Art, Craft, and Future of Legal Journalism: A Tribute to Anthony Lewis

Richard C. Reuben


Anthony Lewis and the First Amendment

Adam Liptak


Anthony Lewis: What He Learned at Harvard Law School

Lincoln Caplan

Anthony Lewis: Pioneer in the Court’s Pressroom

Lyle Denniston

The Rigorous Romantic: Anthony Lewis on the Supreme Court Beat

Linda Greenhouse

Press Freedom and Coverage in the U.S. and Kosovo: A Series of Comparisons and Recommendations

Ben Holden

A Tiger with No Teeth: The Case for Fee Shifting in State Public Records Law

Heath Hooper and Charles N. Davis

Anthony Lewis

Dahlia Lithwick

Legal Journalism Today: Change or Die

Howard Mintz

Institutionalizing Press Relations at the Supreme Court: The Origins of the Public Information Office

Jonathan Peters

Setting the Docket: News Media Coverage of Our Courts – Past, Present and an Uncertain Future

Gene Policinski

As Today’s Tony Lewises Disappear, Courts Fill Void

David A. Sellers

Making Judge-Speak Clear Amidst the Babel of Lawspeakers

Michael A. Wolff


Navigating the Health Insurance Exchanges: Will State Regulations Guide Consumers or Chart Them Off-Course?

Kirsten Dunham

Notes and Law Summaries

Stand with Sam: Missouri, Survivor Benefits, and Discrimination Against Same-Sex Couples

Lesley A. Hall

Victims of Substantiated Child Abuse: Missouri’s New Reasonably Ascertainable Creditors

Alice Haseltine

Supreme Court Decision on Juvenile Sentencing Results in Cruel and Unusual Difficulties for Missouri

Andrew T. Peebles

The Path to Antitrust Success Against the NCAA Is More Limited Than You Think

Keith Starr

Call Me, Maybe: Missouri’s Approach to Extraterritorial Personal Jurisdiction on the Basis of Interstate Communications

Caleb Wagner