Recent Issues

Winter 2013, Volume 78, Issue 1

Articles The Corporate Gatekeeper in Ethical Perspective Christopher T. Hines   The Currently Mandated Myopia of Rule 10b-5:  Pay No Attention to That Manager Behind the Mutual Fund Curtain Kelly S. Kibbie   Two Wrongs Do Not Make a Right:  Reconsidering the Application of Comparative Fault to Punitive Damage Awards Victor E. Schwartz & Christopher  Continue Reading »


Fall 2012, Volume 77, Issue 4

Articles Law Deans in Jail Morgan Cloud and George Shepherd   The Troubling Ambition of Federal Rule of Evidence 502(d) Michael Correll   What’s It to You: The First Amendment and Matters of Public Concern Mark Strasser Comments The Role of the Judiciary in Charter Schools’ Policies Kate Gallen   From Stem to Stern: Navigating  Continue Reading »


Summer 2012 Volume 77, Issue 3

Articles Symposium: Cyberbullying: Emerging Realities and Legal Challenges Christina E. Wells   How Not to Criminalize Cyberbullying Lyrissa Lidsky and Andrea Pinson Garcia   Cyberbullying Victimization: Associations with Other Victimization Forms and Psychological Distress Melissa K. Holt and Dorothy L. Espelage   Regulating Student Cyberspeech Barry P. McDonald   Cyberbullying from Psychological and Legal Perspectives  Continue Reading »


Spring 2012 Volume 77, Issue 2

Articles Getting Away with Murder (Most of the Time): Civil War Era Homicide Cases in Boone County, Missouri Frank O. Bowman, III   Cost as a Sentencing Factor: Missouri’s Experiment Chad Flanders    “Cost as a Sentencing Factor”: A Response Jeff Milyo   Canines on Campus: Companion Animals at Postsecondary Educational Institutions Rebecca J. Huss  Continue Reading »


Winter 2012 Volume 77, Issue 1

Articles Foreward: Jim Devine’s “Show Me Spirit” R. Lawrence Dessem   Introduction: Curt Flood and the Show Me Spirit Joshua C. Devine   Curt Flood and a Triumph of the Show Me Spirit James R. Devine     Grand Theft Auto Loans: Repossession and Demographic Realities in Title Lending Nathalie Martin & Ozymandias Adams    Continue Reading »


Fall 2011 Volume 76, Issue 4

Articles Mavericks, Moderates, or Drifters? Supreme Court Voting Alignments, 1838-2009   Christine Kexel Chabot & Benjamin Remy Chabot    Leveraging Tribal Sovereignty for Economic Opportunity: A Strategic Negotiations Perspective   Gavin Clarkson & Jim Sebenius    Apples and Oranges: Securities Market Losses Should Be Treated Differently for Major White-Collar Criminal Sentencing Under the Federal Guidelines  Continue Reading »


Summer 2011 Volume 76, Issue 3

Symposium: Evolving the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit and its Patent Law Jurisprudence Foreword Dennis D. Crouch   The 2011 Earl F. Nelson Lecture   Crafting a 21st Century United States Patent and Trademark Office David Kappos   Articles Unpredictability in Patent Law and Its Effect on Pharmaceutical Innovation Christopher M. Holman    Continue Reading »


Spring 2011: Volume 76, Issue 2

Articles Distinguishing Judges: An Empirical Ranking of Judicial Quality in the United States Courts of Appeals Robert Anderson IV   Can the Tolling of Statutes of Limitations Based on the Defendant’s Absence from the State Ever Be Consistent with the Commerce Clause? Walter W. Heiser   Anti-Bribery Legislation in the United States and United Kingdom:  Continue Reading »


Winter 2011: Volume 76, Issue 1

Articles On the Contemporary Meaning of Korematsu: “Liberty Lies in the Hearts of Men and Women” David A. Harris   EEOC Reinforces Broad Interpretation of ADAAA Disability Qualification: But What Does “Substantially Limits” Mean? Carol J. Miller   Stimulating School Reform: The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and the Shifting Federal Role in Education Benjamin  Continue Reading »


Fall 2010 Volume 75, Issue 4

Articles Strip Searches of Students: Addressing the Undressing of Children in Schools and Redressing the Fourth Amendment Violations Diana R. Donahoe   Constitutional Interpretation Through a Global Lens Rex D. Glensy   Strict in Theory, But Accommodating in Fact? Ozan O. Varol Notes & Law Summaries Cut and Run? Tuition Reimbursement and the 1997 IDEA  Continue Reading »